Internal Training or Endurance Training? What's Better for You?

Let’s explore the differences between internal training and endurance training for strength athletes.

  1. Endurance Training:
    • Goal: Endurance training aims to improve how well you can breathe and how efficiently your heart works during extended exercise. It focuses on peak oxygen consumption and cardiac output.
    • Benefits: Improved stamina, better cardiovascular health, and a boosted metabolism.
    • Examples: Running, cycling, swimming, or any sustained aerobic activity.
  2. Concurrent Training:
    • Refers to training for two goals simultaneously—both strength and endurance.
    • Individual Goals:
      • Bodybuilders might want enough endurance for muscle-building sets.
      • Powerlifters may train for max numbers while improving heart health.
      • CrossFitters need extreme endurance at high intensities.
      • Recreational lifters balance strength with occasional long hikes.
    • Challenge: Balancing both goals effectively in your training program.

Remember, it’s possible to be strong and have great stamina. The key lies in smart programming and finding the right balance!